The Best Dog Collar for Your French Bulldog

Frenchies have become one of the most popular breeds, undoubtedly spurred on by their domination over social media. Dog influencers endorse so many different types of collars on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Among the most popular ones are the Cuban dog collar, the common flat collar, the choke chain, and the Martingale. There are also conflicting opinions on whether a collar or harness is best for a Frenchie.

Given the bombardment of recommendations online, it can be difficult to determine which one really is the best choice for your French bulldog. It helps to first understand the typical concerns regarding Frenchies and their accessories, as well as the benefits of each one. Only then can you consider the current trends that will enhance your pup’s inherent charm and keep them up to date on the latest in dog fashion.

Concerns Regarding Frenchies and Dog Collars


A Frenchie wearing a regular dog collar.

The French bulldog is among the breeds considered as “brachycephalic,” which means short-headed, or flat-faced. This often leads to breathing-related problems. Although not all Frenchies will experience this, their bodies make them more prone to a condition called Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BOAS). Anything that can obstruct or cause injury to their airways—such as pressure from a tight-fitting collar—can lead to more severe, long-term problems.

 Another concern with brachycephalic dogs is that their eyes can sometimes pop out of their sockets when they experience trauma to their head or neck. This is something that is known to happen among heavy-pulling Frenchies using the wrong type of collar.

Concerns Regarding French Bulldogs and Harnesses 

Rebel Jane the Frenchie wearing the Pink Camo Mesh Harness and Leash.

To avoid breathing problems that are relatively common to their breed, harnesses are generally recommended for Frenchies. This is most especially true for those that tend to pull heavily on walks.

The problem with using harnesses for French bulldogs is that they cover a larger area of the body and can sometimes be irritating for Frenchies with sensitive skin. Plus, the breed is prone to heatstroke, so it’s essential to keep them hydrated, keep walks short during the hot summer months, and find high-quality dog harnesses that are made of breathable fabric.

But regardless of whether or not you want to use a dog harness for walks, you’ll still want to get a dog collar to carry identification or simply to use as a dog necklace to show off your pup’s incredible fashion sense.

Dog Collars Available for Your French Bulldog

The forms of French bulldog collars don’t really change. What has worked for years are still those that are available today. It is merely their designs, colors, or patterns that evolve according to fashion trends. Generally, these are the types of dog collars you can find for your French bulldog:

Flat Collar 

The Spark Paws Charlie Collar.

The flat collar is the most popular type of dog collar, not just for French bulldogs but across all breeds. That’s because they’re readily available in all pet stores, they come in all sorts of prints and colors, they’re adjustable, and they’re easy to put on. For Frenchies in particular, they’re generally safe since they don’t place too much pressure on the airways. Even so, you should learn how to size it properly and make an effort to train your dog not to pull during walks.

Choke Collar


A typical choke chain dog collar.

A choke collar is generally used for training or to exert maximum control over stubborn or powerful dogs. It works like a noose that tightens around your dog’s neck when you tug or they pull on the leash. Those who use this type of collar believe that dogs eventually learn to avoid the behaviors that cause choking. Whether or not you subscribe to this dog training belief, you should be concerned about how pressure from this type of collar could harm your Frenchie’s already sensitive throat and airways.

Martingale Collar


A typical Martingale dog collar.

The Martingale collar works similarly to the choke collar but can’t choke your dog to the point of asphyxiation. It is generally considered as a safer alternative that can offer the same training benefits without the same concerns for cruelty and injury. Nevertheless, the fact that it still inflicts pressure around the neck makes it an unfavorable option for French bulldogs and similar brachycephalic breeds.

Cuban Link Dog Chain


The Spark Paws Cuban gold chain collar.

The Cuban link dog collar is a classic gold chain that is considered as a must-have accessory in canine designer streetwear. What used to be a piece of stylish dog jewelry has been adapted using durable materials and fine craftsmanship to become a functional collar. Now, you’ll find gold dog chains that are more robust versions of the flat collar. They’re equally safe, even for brachycephalic breeds like the Frenchie. Plus, they’re definitely more in-fashion.

The Best Dog Collar for French Bulldogs 

Milo the Frenchie wearing the Spark Paws Cuban Dog Collar and Letter Pendant.

Given their physical makeup, the only acceptable type of dog collar to use on your French bulldog is either a flat collar or a gold chain collar.

Flat collars are the staple choice among dog owners because they’re easy to find, and they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They’re also generally inexpensive. The only drawback of using flat collars is that they sometimes fray over time. They also accumulate dirt and smells, so you need to replace them once in a while and wash them regularly. Nevertheless, they’re incredibly safe and convenient options.

A gold dog chain, on the other hand, is more reflective of today’s fashion trends for dogs. True enough, a Frenchie in a Cuban link gold dog chain is guaranteed to generate likes and follows. A single well-shot photo could even launch a dog model’s career. The only issue about these fashionable accessories is that you need to make sure you find one that’s not just a dog necklace but a heavy-duty chain that’s built to be used as a collar and withstand your French bulldog’s pulling power.


Nowadays, as people constantly post photos that boast their Frenchies’ own clothing and accessories, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and make decisions based solely on them. Thankfully, there are ways for your pup to stay in style but also keep safe. It’s just up to you as their human to be a discerning shopper and select the right fashion pieces that offer both form and function.