My husband and I started this business as a passion project in 2017 because we had a lot of (too much) fun dressing up our dog Stella but all the selections on the market were low quality and dull.

We took matter to our hands and started out by making a few pieces for our family and friends. Word quickly got around on social media and it turns out we weren't the only "crazy dog parents" that loved dressing up their fur babies.

Since launching our first collection in 2017, we've received tremendous support from all over the world and grown our community to 100K+ fans.

Combining top quality materials and the latest human fashion trends, our mission is to create pet products that both the human and dog will love.

As dog parents ourselves, we personally test and stand by each product we create. 

Join us, celebrate our passion for pets and be part of the "crazy dog parents" community!

Sarah - Co-Founder of Spark Paws