Top 10 Best Dog Costumes of All Time


Whether you’re looking to get inspired for Halloween or just a fun day of dress-up, here are some of SparkPaws’ favorite dog costumes:

1) Chucky the Good Guys Doll (Child’s Play)

Your pup might be a good boy all year round, but are you ready for him to be one of the Good Guys this Halloween? Check out how hilariously adorable alfie_the_fawn_frenchie is as he comes after you in his Chucky costume.

2) The Joker (Batman)

This adorable Frenchie won a pet costume contest, and deservedly so. It’s an instantly recognizable version of The Joker with its purple suit and green hair. The lipstick detail is an excellent touch and is reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s chilling portrayal. 

3) Ariel (Disney’s The Little Mermaid)

Let your pup be part of your world in this gorgeous The Little Mermaid costume. It comes with a mermaid tail, a shell bikini, and Ariel’s gloriously red hair. In this outfit, everyone’s gonna want to kiss the girl!

4) Rodeo Cowboy 

Strap on this OddityMall costume and try not to laugh as you watch this stuffed rodeo cowboy struggle to hold on to the reins and stay on the saddle. The more you get your dog moving, the funnier it gets!

5) Party Crasher Dog Costume


Here’s a side-splitting costume for an innocent pup! The stuffed dog at the rear and separate outfits makes your dog look like it’s crashing a party and stealing a box of beer with an accomplice. 

6) Guitarist Dog Costume


Showing off tricks might be incredibly entertaining, but what about an acoustic performance? This OhMyGlad costume dresses your pup up in a striped shirt and white pants. It includes not just a guitar but also the hands that hold it. Plus, it comes with a messy rock star wig.

7) Teddy Bear Serving Dog Head


Becoming a teddy bear might have catapulted Munchkin the Shih Tzu into social media stardom, but one of her more recent costumes is being touted as one of the best dog costumes of all time. It’s hilariously creepy as her head is being served on a platter held by a giant teddy bear that’s dressed as a server.

8) Marilyn Monroe (The Seven Year Itch)


As featured by Awesome Inventions, a platinum blonde wig, a busty chest, and a copy of the iconic white dress turns your dog into the famous Marilyn Monroe. You’ll definitely enjoy stirring up the crowd while walking down the street with this silver screen starlet.

9) Tusken Raider Riding Bantha (Star Wars)

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’d love turning your dog into a Bantha. This one by Rubie’s Costume Company comes with the twisted Bantha horns that instantly turns your pooch into the iconic beast of burden. But the highlight, perhaps, is the Tusken Raider doll getting a rough ride as your dog frolics around.

10) Three-Headed Dog


The three-headed dog is an excellent pet costume idea and one you can easily make as long as you can find stuffed look-alikes of your pet. Your pup won’t look as vicious as Fluffy from Harry Potter but will definitely turn heads no matter where you go.


Playing dress-up is really one of the perks of having a dog. Get your creative juices flowing and prepare your dog’s most amazing costume yet!